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WFS PRO supplies innovative and tailor-made services in the fields of Consultancy, Managed Services and Recruitment. Both nationally and internationally. With our knowledge of recruitment processes and our expansive knowledge of the branches where we are active, we help our clients find, deploy, and maintain specialists in the best possible way, under the right conditions and completely compliant. We help our specialists find the best challenges with appealing companies.

Additionally, we help our clients to organise and optimise their internal and external recruitment and HR processes.

In short, attuning your Recruitment Strategy to your Business Strategy, organising the flextime team, optimising recruitment of specialists, efficiently expanding and maintaining the existing population, and all of it completely compliant, against reasonable rates and in a way that suits the every employer, that is what WFS PRO is all about!


WFS PRO, in cooperation with excellent partners, offers high-quality complete solutions with its ‘Global Work Force Solutions’, where WFS PRO is the problem & solution owner for its clients. Core values are quality, custom work, reliability, professionalism and the constant monitoring of technological developments.


WFS PRO aims to be an ambitious, independent, internationally operating supplier of Global Work Force Solutions that sees deployment of, and maintaining, both flexible and permanent staff as a strategic competitive advantage for its clients.


WFS PRO offers its services within defined niches so that knowledge and skill can be optimally developed and used to the benefit of all stakeholders. Both nationally and internationally.

To do this, WFS PRO can:

  • draft the multi-year HR policy in accordance with the chosen strategies
  • (co)-implement this policy
  • take responsibility for the results

The ‘Global Work Force Solutions’ model includes all classic regular services such as Recruitment, Contracting & Project Management.


We believe that you can easier and better find what you are looking for when you know what you are looking for.


By identifying the perfect match between professionals and companies, to create a community with professionals and offer them a place to share knowledge and to connect.


We match professionals with our clients and offer them challenging positions in the Aerospace, Marine & Offshore, Machinery, Automotive and Life Sciences industries.

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force specialists

Toon van der Wulp

Toon van der Wulp

Toon has, because of his years of experience (since 1989), gained a lot of knowledge and intellect with regards to developments at the job/employment market. Besides that Toon can be considered as a specialist in developing, starting and managing new concepts into the market, in order to support clients with their challenges on behalf of the job/employment market developments.

Maurice Taks

Maurice Taks

Maurice is active in the ‘niche’ Aerospace since 2004, both national and international. Maurice can be considered a true specialist regarding resourcing of projects, recruiting of specialists and being a full partner with regards to complex issues at the job/employment market.

Rein van de Ven

Rein van de Ven

Rein has a technical background in Aviation. With more than 10 years experience he is able to bring people together at all levels of the job market. Rein has a sense for new opportunities for both candidates as well as clients, seeking to create the best possible journey for both.

Puk Steenbergen

Puk Steenbergen

Puk his background is in Life Sciences and sales, with a strong affinity to technical industries. He gets a kick out of identifying and fulfill the needs of employers and candidates. Besides Puk his involvement within the Aerospace industry, he will also be involved in the development of the Life Science sector within the existing specialism of WFS PRO.

Yessica Wiersma

Yessica has a university background in both Cognitive Neuroscience and Human Resources Studies, as the human thought and behavior have always interested her. She has successfully turned this interest into her mission at WFS PRO as she strives to create the right match between candidates and their prospective jobs based on their passion and motivation.