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Electrical Engineer R&T


The GKN Fokker Elmo Research & Technology (R&T) department is looking for an ambitious Electrical Engineer who wants to apply his/her theoretical background to the development of future Electrical (Wiring) Interconnection Systems for sustainable aircraft. Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems (EWIS) already became more prevalent as part of the More Electric Aircraft, however today the journey to full Electric and Hybrid-Electric aircraft adds a new chapter to its technology significance. This will include both High Voltage High Power (HVHP) EWIS developments as well as disruptive technologies for the transmission of low voltage data signals.



A full-time position in the Research & Technology (R&T) department of GKN Fokker Elmo, part of GKN Aerospace. You will participate in European research in collaboration with universities and research institutes, working at the forefront of innovation. In this position, you will be part of the team developing disruptive Electrical Interconnection technologies as part of the future Hybrid data network. Such network will include both wired & wireless technologies to distribute electrical data signals throughout the aircraft. Today low power signals concern >90% of the EWIS content and >80% of the weight: this creates a high potential to make an impact and contribute to future green aviation.

You support the development of disruptive technologies in the sense of: “not previously applied in aerospace EWIS and to replace conventional wiring as applied today”. Technologies that are being researched and developed include, for example: Powerline communication (power and data on 1 wire) and Wireless Technologies. You will be active in researching and developing the electrical architecture and electronic modules to deliver a safe, light, self-configuring autonomous and modular data network that is scalable to all aircraft sizes.



Knowledge, experience and qualifications:

  • Master degree in Electrical Engineering or other related discipline for this role;
  • Electronics engineering, including EM/RF and embedded software (e.g. SDR or other programmable platforms)
  • Familiarity with data network concepts and principles and systems engineering
  • Knowledge of and/or experience with the design process, analysis of complex data, integration of (electric) systems and laboratory equipment operation desired.


  • Ability to apply electric/electronic engineering principles onto electrical interconnection systems within the context of aircraft design, including the understanding of the mutual interdependencies;
  • Electronics simulation, programming software and hardware (e.g. SPICE, Simulink, Matlab, GNU-radio, FPGA, …)
  • A self-starter with good communication skills is a must.

Core competences

  • Analytical ability: able to think at an abstract level and identify interrelationships;
  • Innovative: has creative ideas to improve processes and products, and translating into action;
  • Initiative: is proactive, i.e. assertive and takes the initiative to ensure performance and delivery;
  • Collaboration: has a constructive approach to the ideas of others and is able to work harmoniously.



A leading player in the design, manufacturing and support for the Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems (EWIS) for Aerospace and Defense programs. Their innovative tools and processes support customers and represent a Unique Selling Point.

GKN Aerospace is the world’s leading tier one aerospace supplier of systems and components. With over 15,000 employees across 38 manufacturing sites and 4 Global Technology Centers, they serve over 90% of the world’s aircraft and engine manufacturers with sales of £2.5bn. GKN Fokker Elmo employs >2200 employees worldwide.


An innovative and international workplace in a company with a rich history in the field of aircraft construction. The company has a passion for technology and their staff is rightly proud of what they develop and build. At GKN Fokker Elmo, you will get every opportunity to build your career and work on your personal development!


Ready for take-off?

Information with regards to the recruitment procedure: interviews are planned in August & September. Start is planned for September – October 2022.