Managed Services

WFS PRO offers a solution for managing your flextime team and expanding your stable core of manpower. Each with their own legal framework, self-employed persons, consultants, international contractors, payrollees, posting employees and temporary workers.

WFS PRO will help you determine your route to achieving the desired results. A route that suits your company, your sector and your wishes. Where service quality takes top place, in combination with compliancy and managing Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Managing flextime team: Determining the best contracting parties and contract types; safeguarding quality; ensuring the right price/quality ratio; connecting knowledge; continuously monitoring the fitting of resources by creating a custom Recruitment Plan.
  • Permanent positions: Determining the necessary competencies per position, in consultancy with the hiring managers; creating profiles; creating multiple skilled employees based on the employment life cycle; determining recruitment methods, stimulating recruitment referral; continuously monitoring fitting resources by drafting a custom Recruitment Plan.
  • Compliancy: Ensuring that business is carried out and assessed according to local and international labour legislation. Supporting in the engagement of self-employed individuals; work and residence permits for foreign employees or Dutch employees working abroad.
  • Total Cost of Ownership: Using other invoicing models rather than the standard invoice for worked hours, ensuring transparency in and lowering of costs.

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