Recruitment Services

WFS PRO supplies innovative and tailor-made solutions in the field of Recruitment Services aimed at working with you to develop the optimal working method in the field of recruitment of temporary and permanent employees. Our knowledge of recruitment processes and the sectors in which we are active, guarantees that we are capable of supporting you in the best possible way in your search for – and maintaining – your talent.

Naturally, you set high standards for the recruitment of permanent and temporary specialists, but you also notice that suitable candidates are scarce. Efficiency and being goal-oriented is required.
Together with you, we look at your internal Recruitment Process functions and which improvements and adjustments need to be implemented.
Business that is discussed includes: What is the state of your ‘Employer branding’? Which recruitment channels are best employed in order to contact your target group? How strongly developed is your ‘Internal Recruitment capacity’? What is the state of your Referral Recruitment? With which bureaus are you in business with? At what rates?
But also, how do you treat employees in your service? Which steps do you take to engage and interest them?
And lastly, we can help you say goodbye to employees in a good and constructive manner by means of suitable Outplacement processes.

Our Recruitment Consultants offer advice, extra recruitment capacities and effective tools that allow them to improve your recruitment process both for permanent and temporary recruitment of specialists.

Source, Web, Socials, Semantic: How do we get in contact with the resources interesting to you and how do we stay in contact with these groups?
Search, Referrals, ATS: How do we harmonize the total offer of resources into a selected group in which we look for the right candidates?
Select, Funnel: Which selection procedure is applied and who takes on which role in which round? Safeguarding the planning.
Hire: On which basis are choices made to hire a candidate?
Management, Career, Terms of Employment, Education: What are you offering in terms of salary, career opportunities, education, working hours, contract types?
Outplacement: Support in and co-implementation of Outplacement Processes. Providing job interview training, carrying out CV checks, Interview training, organizing  informal meetings with potential new employers.
RPO Embedded: Supplying temporary Recruitment capacity with the direct goal of effective hires.

WFS PRO also offers regular recruitment services. Thanks to our niche approach within the sectors mentioned (Sea, Land, Air and Industry & Buildings), WFS PRO specialises in sourcing, recruiting and selecting the best candidates for you, both for temporary and permanent positions.

WFS PRO tunes into the question with you and searches for the best resources. Additionally, WFS PRO constantly keeps you informed of developments in the field of candidate supply. In other words, if WFS PRO comes into contact with a candidate possibly interesting to your company, we will proactively inform you.

The services that are part of our Regular Recruitment Services:
Recruitment: WFS PRO supplies candidates that enter your employment directly or after a predetermined period of posting.
Posting: Using employees on a project basis, use of self-employed persons.
Projects: Completely or partially taking on projects with regard to deployment, recruitment, outplacement, outsourcing of employees or complete departments.
Payroll services: completely compliant, both nationally and internationally, WFS PRO offers possibilities for contracting out your entire employee payroll.

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